Piestar DPx: Publications Update

As part of our commitment to continuously enhance your experience with Piestar, we have been diligently working on updating our Publications form. Our recent Phase One update includes a new look when manually adding publications or importing from a BibTex, or Medline/PubMed file. The form also lets you add publications to be associated with multiple projects.

Phase Two is now live within our platform, bringing you even more powerful functionalities and streamlining your publication management process. With Phase Two, we have integrated a PubMed Search feature directly into the Publications form. You can now perform a search using various parameters such as title, author, DOI, and more, to import publications automatically which will save you valuable time and effort while ensuring accuracy and completeness of your publication records. Eventually, we hope to expand this feature beyond just PubMed.

Piestar will now also search for existing contacts within the system that match the authors of the publication. If a match is found,  the publication will be associated with the corresponding contact. In case no match is found, new contacts for the authors will be automatically created, ensuring your publications records are always up-to-date.

As always, please feel free to reach out to Piestar at support@piestar.com with any questions, concerns, 

or suggestions. We are always eager to hear ideas that our clients have to help better improve our system!