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How Piestar Helps NIH Programs

Streamline and automate the collection of RPPR, personnel, and research progress information from team members. Our staff can help you create collection forms that ensure valid and reliable data.
Automated emails remind team members until their report is complete. Our unique progress page shows at-a-glance which team members are 100% complete with their report.
Choose from pre-built form templates utilized by other NIH programs, or build your own using our intuitive form builder.
Dashboard and other reports allow your team to visualize progress toward strategic goals. Built-in Excel reports enable offline analysis.
Team members can request travel, equipment, supplies, or other approvals.
Collect and review pilot or other grant applications, and score them using NIH-based review rubrics.

Mastering NIH RPPR Data Collection for Large NIH Centers

Navigating the complexities of NIH RPPR data collection is a familiar challenge for program coordinators in large research centers. You’re not alone in feeling swamped by the intricate task of managing vast amounts of information from various researchers. This guide is tailored to address these challenges and introduce an efficient, automated approach to data collection. DALL-E AI Generated Image of frustrated Researcher

Understanding the Challenge of NIH RPPR Data Collection

The annual ritual of NIH RPPR data collection is a herculean task. Each researcher brings a unique piece to the puzzle, creating a tapestry of diverse data types—from technical reports to mentor/mentee data. The traditional manual processes, relying on email chains and Excel spreadsheets, are laborious and prone to error, making this a daunting task for even the most organized administrators.

Traditional Methods for NIH RPPR Data Collection and Their Limitations

Consider the first approach: Email and Word/Excel templates. This method, while straightforward, often leads to a chaotic influx of emails, partial responses, and infinite back-and-forths. Similarly, using Google Forms and Sheets for collection, although slightly more organized, still falls short in tracking real-time progress and ensuring data consistency. Worst of all, these manual methods monopolize the time of an extremely valuable program administrator, relegating them to the busywork of collating email replies and combining spreadsheets.

The Power of Automation in NIH RPPR Data Collection

DALL-E AI Generated Image of messy data collection Enter the world of automation—a realm where efficiency and accuracy reign. Imagine a system where data is automatically coded per component and year, and aligned with the NIH RPPR system, where automated emails eliminate the manual tracking burden, and where researchers can report as a team instead of individually. This isn’t a futuristic dream; it’s the reality offered by advanced automation tools.

Piestar: A Game Changer for NIH Centers

Piestar emerges as a revolutionary force in this landscape, offering a secure, cloud-hosted data collection system that simplifies the entire process. Automated emails, coding people and outputs by research component, and integration with PubMed are just a few features that make Piestar stand out. The software’s community form library gets you started quickly, while its intuitive form-builder allows you to further tailor the collection forms to your center’s needs, marking a significant leap from traditional data collection methods.

How to Get Started with Piestar for Efficient NIH Center Administration

Embarking on your journey with Piestar is straightforward. Just contact us for a demo, and see how our software transforms data collection into a streamlined, stress-free process. From PubMed integration to an invaluable “Session Progress” page, to track respondents, Piestar addresses all the pain points of traditional methods. It’s not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed for the modern needs of NIH center administration.


DALL-E AI Generated Image of joyful research administrator in office The shift from traditional, manual data collection methods to the automated, efficient processes offered by Piestar marks a significant advancement in NIH RPPR data collection. Piestar is more than just a software; it’s a pathway to transforming the way research centers operate, making administration more efficient and less stressful. To witness the future of program management, request a demo of Piestar today.