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Save Time

The Piestar automated system helps remove tedious daily tasks so you can save time and dedicate more time to bigger priorities.

Save Money

Make your funding go further. We help save you money so you can focus more of your funds on research.

Unlimited Support

Your grant type has specific requirements. We offer unlimited support so you can meet the needs of your agency’s requirements.

Any center of the scope of our size would be foolish to not have a system like Piestar.

Dr. Kim Kirkpatrick, Principal Investigator and Director – NIH Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity (CNAP) Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE)

How Piestar Helps NIH Programs

Streamline and automate the collection of RPPR, personnel, and research progress information from team members. Our staff can help you create collection forms that ensure valid and reliable data.
Automated emails remind team members until their report is complete. Our unique progress page shows at-a-glance which team members are 100% complete with their report.
Choose from pre-built form templates utilized by other NIH programs, or build your own using our intuitive form builder.
Dashboard and other reports allow your team to visualize progress toward strategic goals. Built-in Excel reports enable offline analysis.
Team members can request travel, equipment, supplies, or other approvals.
Collect and review pilot or other grant applications, and score them using NIH-based review rubrics.

Collecting & Reporting Data Should Be Easier

Through our automated software and support, we help you save time so you can increase your programs efficiency. The process is easy.
1. Request A Demo
2. We Explore Your Needs
3. We Align The Software
4. Collect & Report Easier

You Deserve A More Efficient Way To Maximize Your Time

Through our automated software and continued support, we help you save time. We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed and overworked with collecting and reporting data. We want to help make your program run easier.
Days of my time are saved. Literally, days.

As an Evaluator for over 30 years, Piestar has everything I need.

Piestar customer service is outstanding!

Makes my reporting season so much less stressful.

Business people shake hands to work.

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8 Benefits Of Using Research Management Software

Most research programs don’t know that using a research software can improve their day to day management as well as improve the chances of being successful renewed. This free download explains 8 benefits to using Piestar as a resource to make your program run more successful.