Piestar Improvements

Rework Add Results Page

The Project Objectives feature is used for adding overarching goals to be accomplished for each project, and for adding tasks that need to be reported on to reach those goals. In the past, those tasks were capped, and any unused tasks just sat empty. If you needed more than 20, you had to request more. Now, you are able to add as many as you need by pressing the “+ Add” button. This gives you more control over how many you would like to add while cutting down on visual clutter for a cleaner look.

Form Builder Option for Currency

Form Builder has gotten a new question type! For any form needing a dollar amount to be input, the “Currency” option is now available for use. This field only supports numerical values and a period to dictate how much change you are entering. So next time you would like to build a form to collect currency, be sure to use this great option! It can be found in the Short Answer question type category.

Return to Top button in Sidebar

Simple but effective! You may have noticed we have added a new button at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. By pressing this button you will be navigated instantly back to the top of the page. Very useful for those longer modules or reports.

Schedule Snapshots

Are you wanting a snapshot to be taken at the end of the session, but are worried you might forget? Schedule it now, and let the system automatically snapshot at a later date. You can find this on the Reporting Periods page in the Manage dropdown.

As always, please feel free to reach out to Piestar at support@piestar.com with any questions, concerns, 

or suggestions. We are always eager to hear ideas that our clients have to help better improve our system!