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Make Reporting Easy

Make reporting easy sums up a key part of our vision.

Reporting impact, monitoring performance, and evaluating effectiveness is a complex, yet critical process of successful research programs. Unfortunately, this is often tedious and time-consuming, especially for those tasked with turning mountains of data into useful reports. Piestar aims to remove this burden so the focus is on the people and research more than the process.

Support the Process

Excellent product support and training is a given, but the Piestar team goes beyond answering technical questions. The Piestar team helps run reports, discusses best practices for data collection, and even tweaks the system to better fit the needs of the research program. With Piestar, clients get experienced software engineers who thoroughly understand the process and help research programs and projects run as smoothly as possible.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Every research program has different needs. At Piestar, we believe that successful software should be built to fit the process rather than forcing a process to fit the software. It’s often difficult to leverage existing products without drastic changes in process. This results in many different custom-built (and expensive!) systems that actually share a lot of common features.

The Piestar system is designed with the belief that 90% of the system can work generically for a wide range of projects. Piestar is customized so the remaining 10% of the system is designed to fit individual reporting and project tracking needs. This approach provides an extremely robust set of continually enhanced core features. In addition, the unique customizations needed for successful implementation can be added without starting from scratch. Piestar combines the best aspects of off-the-shelf and enterprise software into a single seamless solution.


Don’t repeat yourself is a key principle in software development. At Piestar, we apply this same concept to research project management and reporting processes. Reports and data analysis are the perfect candidate for automation, and we are continually improving the Piestar system to streamline these processes. If a status report in a specific format must be compiled once a year, we automate the report so it can be generated with just a few clicks.

Piestar Makes Reporting Easy

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