Piestar Periodical – December

The Piestar Periodical is a blog about updates, changes, and improvements to the Piestar systems. We gladly welcome requests, suggestions, comments, and feedback.

We have been hosting Piestar Advisory Council meetings each quarter to learn about what teams like about the Piestar systems and what can be done to improve the systems. We look forward to hosting these 1-hour online meetings each quarter. For anyone interested in participating in the Piestar Advisory Council quarterly meetings, please email info@piestar.com to let us know.

Piestar DPx – Personnel Tags added to One-Time Email

Personnel tags now appear on the One-Time Email page. These tags are set either in the People page or the Personnel tab of a Project’s page.

DPx Personnel Tags

It’s now possible to send one-time email messages based on personnel tags set on a project’s personnel page.

DPx Email Filter

Piestar DPx – Email filter updates

Instead of filtering by progress for only one project at a time, there is now the ability to filter by progress for all projects.

Module Email

Piestar DPx – Event Registration export updates

There is now a special Excel export for the new Event Registration module. Data can now be exported per specific event.

DPx Event Export

Piestar DPx – Widget Editor

Piestar DPx widgets are boxes on the dashboard that can be customized to the needs of individual team members. It’s now possible for team administrators to edit widgets like the Helpful Links and Announcements widgets.

DPx Widget Editor

Piestar DPx – Add images to email

It’s now possible to add images and file download links to one-time email messages and email campaigns. All Rich Text editor boxes throughout Piestar DPx have the ability to embed images and upload files.

DPx Email Files

Piestar DPx – People update

The People page now shows if a person was involved in a publication or outreach event.

People Information

Piestar DPx – Excel Export updates

Module data tags and a “unique rows” worksheet are now included in Excel module exports.

Piestar RFx – Multiple File Upload

There is now a “Multiple File Upload” option for proposal forms. Selecting this will add the ability to collect multiple files in one field.

RFx Multiple File Upload

Piestar RFx – Selecting all reviewers

When assigning proposals to a reviewer, there is now a button to select all and deselect all proposals.

RFx Select All

Piestar RFx – Conflict of Interest updates

When a reviewer checks that there is a Conflict of Interest, there is now an optional text box that allows for the reviewer to explain the conflict. This information is included in the email message that is sent out to Request for Proposal (RFP) managers.

RFx COI reasoning

Alternatively, a separate list of email addresses can be specified to receive the Conflict of Interest email messages instead of the Request for Proposal managers.



As we continue to make improvements to the Piestar systems, our goal is and always will be to meet the needs of those we serve. We are also interested in providing information and training for users of the Piestar systems. If there are areas of the Piestar systems that need further explanation, we are happy to conduct training sessions or even make short video tutorials. We are very grateful for the teams we support, and are so proud of the important work they are doing for science and people around the world. We welcome thoughts, ideas, requests, suggestions, comments, feedback and questions. We also gladly welcome referrals.

Ben Kohl
Vice President