Piestar Periodical – October

The Piestar Periodical is a blog about updates, changes, and improvements to the Piestar systems. We gladly welcome requests, suggestions, comments, and feedback.

Several improvements to Piestar RFx

Unique application/proposal numbers appear on the list of submissions, and not just on the downloaded spreadsheet of reviews. The name of the Principal Investigator, the name of the related institution, and the application/proposal ID are shown together throughout the RFx system to make searching much easier. RFx now supports additional file uploads, and the label and help text can be adjusted as needed. Upon request, the Piestar RFx logo can be changed to the logo of the program or organization requesting an application or proposal on the Funding Opportunities page.

Piestar RFx

New dashboard widgets in Piestar DPx

Dashboard widgets “Announcements & Opportunities” and “Helpful Links” have been created and are available upon request. These widgets can be placed anywhere on the dashboard screen.


New administrative save button in Piestar DPx

A new “Admin Save” button has been added to allow site coordinators to save target numbers for the Principal Investigators and Directors without entering deviation narratives.

Administrative Save

Project role descriptions are added in Piestar DPx

Detailed descriptions have been added to each project role.

Project Role

New “Add Success Stories” module in Piestar DPx

An “Add Success Stories” module has been added to the module library, and is available upon request.

Success Story

Improved Excel exports in Piestar DPx

Module data for a specific set of projects can be exported to an Excel file and the indicator exports have been improved. For our USAID Feed the Future Innovation Labs, the new Excel indicators export aligns with the USAID FTFMS reporting system. This report includes an “All Projects Combined” worksheet that aggregates data across all projects, as well as a separate worksheet for each project. We would appreciate immediate feedback on this report to provide time to make any necessary adjustments before FTFMS reporting is due.

Module Export

File Upload button added to Travel Reports in Piestar DPx

The File Uploads option is now available within the Travel Report module to make uploading photos, videos, and other files easier and more convenient for traveling researchers. This option is available upon request.

Travel Photos

Improvements to Outreach module in Piestar DPx

When researchers upload data to the Outreach module, an automatic copy is made of the data entered in the Outreach tab of the Main Menu.


Other Improvements to Piestar DPx

Templates have been created for all modules with all options for researchers so management teams can accurately inform them when the data were not entered properly.


As we continue to make improvements to the Piestar systems, our goal is and always will be to meet the needs of those we serve. We are also interested in providing information and training for users of the Piestar systems. If there are areas of the Piestar systems that need further explanation for users, we are happy to conduct training sessions or even make short video tutorials. We are very grateful for the teams we support, and are so proud of the important work they are doing for science and people around the world. We welcome thoughts, ideas, requests, suggestions, comments, feedback and questions. We also gladly welcome referrals.

Ben Kohl
Vice President