Piestar Periodical – May

The Piestar Periodical is a monthly blog about updates, changes, and improvements to the Piestar systems. We gladly welcome requests, suggestions, comments, and feedback.

Email Templates

This video demonstrates how to create, save, and reuse email templates in the Piestar system.

Header and Footer Areas

Last month, we changed the top header to a white background and made room at the top for several logos. This month we added a footer at one client’s request (see image). This footer option is available upon request to other clients.

Header and Footer

People Feature

The new People menu option (in the top menu area) replaces the prior “Manage Users” option. The People feature allows users to add new personnel and edit/filter/sort existing personnel (see image). Users can add additional columns in the People feature (see image), as well as export filtered personnel to Excel. It is now possible to enter people into the Piestar system who are not associated with any particular project. It is now possible to manage contact information of industry specialists, newsletter contacts, funding agency contacts, etc. Simply add users and their information within the People feature.

People Column Selection
People Filter

Simple Indicator Modules

Tracking disaggregated output numbers is easy with simple Indicator Modules. These modules ask for the numbers of a particular indicator, such as number of Households Benefiting, disaggregated as desired. Indicator modules are assigned per project and PIs can now select which indicators apply to their project. We have created the following USAID Feed the Future Innovation Labs Simple Indicator Modules, and can easily make more.

  • EG.3-1 – Households Benefiting
  • EG.3.1-2 – Hectare Irrigation and Drainage
  • EG.3-9 – FTEs created
  • EG.3.2-4 – Organizational Development Assistance
  • EG.3.2-5 – Public-Private Partnerships
  • EG.3.2-17 – Applied Technologies and Practices
  • EG.3.2-18 – Hectare Technologies and Management Policies
  • EG.3.2-19 – Smallholder Sales
  • EG.3.2-20 – Organizations Applying Technologies/Practices
Households Benefiting
Select Indicator Module
Module List

Excel Exports

Microsoft Excel exports are no longer limited to a single module. Data from all modules can be exported at one time for a single project and reporting period, or all data from all modules can be exported at once.

Excel Export


As we continue to make improvements to the Piestar systems, our goal is and always will be to meet our clients’ needs. We are also interested in providing information and training for users of the Piestar systems. If there are areas of the Piestar systems that need further explanation for users, we are happy to conduct training sessions or even make short video tutorials. We are very grateful for our clients, and are so proud of the important work they are doing for people around the world. We know the research world is vast, but the network of researchers is small. We gladly welcome referrals, and now provide discounts to current clients for referrals. The more people using the Piestar system, the better it is for everyone. We welcome thoughts, ideas, requests, suggestions, comments, feedback and questions. To schedule a Piestar demonstration, please visit Piestar Demonstration.

Ben Kohl
Vice President