Piestar – RFP request for proposals

Over the past few months our team has been working diligently on a new research proposal submission process we’re calling Piestar RFP. This is an addition (add-on) to the Piestar system, and can be used to:
1. Publish a Request For Proposals (RFP) or a Request for Applications (RFA),
2. Collect electronic proposal submissions,
3. Review research proposals,
4. Select one or more research proposals for funding.

The following is a very brief overview of how to use Piestar RFA (proposals.piestar.com). You will not see several of these sections unless you have manager access, so simply send an email message to us at support@piestar.com if needed.

Home Page


  • Browse Opportunities – see what RFPs are open, OR
  • Create a Request for Proposals (RFP)

If you have been added as a Reviewer or Manager of an RFP, additional square widgets will appear on the home page for quick access to these actions.

Browse Opportunities

The Opportunities page shows all open RFPs that you can submit a proposal to.

Manage RFPs

This page shows all Request for Proposals you can edit. While editing, you will see these 5 sections:

  1. Overviewrfp_overview

    • Set the title, deadline and categories of the RFP.
    • Publish or unpublish the RFP.
    • Open or close the RFP for reviewers.
  2. Solicitation
    • Add the abstract and full solicitation of the RFP.
  3. Proposal Settings
    • Choose which fields are shown to proposal submitters for this RFP.
  4. Collaborators
    • Setup additional managers or reviewers for this RFP.
  5. Review Rubric
    • Create the rating rubric for reviewers.

Review RFPreview_form

This page allows reviewers to view and rate each proposal if the RFP is open for reviews.

Select Proposals

This page allows managers to view reviewer ratings and accept or decline each proposal.